15 Ways Google Made Work Easier & More Secure in 2015 – Part 1

15 Ways Google Made Work Easier & More Secure in 2015 - Part 1 Every year, data security becomes an  increasingly-important need. Along with this, so does the need to access and collaborate on files from anywhere on any device .  Google has taken it upon themselves to make some significant improvements to their Apps for Work suite. 2015 marked a year of hard work for Google, ensuring stronger, yet [...]

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How to Search Drive & Use Google Goggles to find text & images

How to Search Drive & Use Google Goggles to find text & images How do you find that file that was shared with you two years ago, but you never needed until right now? This episode of the Google Apps show is all about the inside scoop at searching Drive, and using Google Googles to search for images and text. Searching in Google Drive is [...]

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How to Create Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

How to create appointment slots in Google Calendar Let people know when you’re available without having to ask you! Thanks to Google Calendar, you can easily turn blocks of time into appointment slots that everyone from coworkers to clients can use to schedule time. Anyone viewing your calendar can book appointments, which will then appear on your own calendar so you'll know who you’re meeting and when... [...]

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2 Colorful Tips to Organize Better and Save Time in Google Sheets

"Yes, tell me more about spreadsheets!" I know, with such an exciting topic it's hard to contain the enthusiasm - all those cells, and formulas, and the pleasant white and grey colortone... Okay, spreadsheets aren't the most excitings to work with, but these two tips for Google Sheets should not only help break up the monotony of those white and grey bars, but also help with organization and [...]

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2 Very Simple Ways to Clean up Your Gmail Inbox

With so many emails flying around these days, it's really easy to get overwhelmed by the junk and miss the important stuff you actually need to see. Whether it's an email that doesn't apply to you, or one of your contacts needs to recheck their definition of "frequent", keeping a clean inbox is a constant battle. However, by applying some basic filters and utilizing Gmail's Mute option, [...]

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How to use Google Tasks and Reminders

Let's face it. To-do lists are not a fun thing, and even the thought of them makes my blood pressure spike. However, I'd be totally unproductive without them. If you're anything like me, most of your to-do's and tasks come in the form of emails from colleagues and the higher-ups asking for things to be done. Thanks to Google Tasks and Reminders, I can create tasks, [...]

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Google Removes Roadblocks to Adopt Apps for Work, Unlock Transformative Potential

Google Apps for Work Announcement Removes Roadblocks, Unlocks Cloud Transformation Potential for Mid-Market Companies Just one day before Google’s annual Atmosphere Live event, Google announced today a very generous “Go Google” initiative aimed at mid-market companies in the 250 to 3000 employee range. Boiling it down into its simplest explanation... ... Get "Unstuck" with No Money Down If you are currently locked into an enterprise [...]

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Top 6 Ways to use Google Apps for Sales and Marketing

  Most of us have been using Google Apps for a while now, but I wanted to share a few specific ways these Apps can help us go beyond just email and cloud storage. From managing assets to creating a functional website, you have full control and freedom to collaborate across each one of your teams. Here are the top 6 ways Google Apps can [...]

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Why Micro-Moments bring Brands and Consumers Closer

That New Years resolution to start running. That time when you refused to go to the mechanic and changed your own oil. The minute you break your favorite coffee cup and can't survive without it. These are the moments that have a huge effect on us every day, and is also where brands have the potential to connect with us and make a lasting impact. [...]

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Chromebox for Large Meetings: Bigger, Better, Louder

When Chromebox for meetings first launched last year, Google had one goal in mind: to help teams meet face-to-face or room-to-room, no matter where they are located. One year later, Chromebox for meetings has been widely adopted and regularly used to lessen the barrier to remote collaboration. This is why the team behind Chromebox for meetings is excited to announce that they now support larger [...]

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