Healthcare Spotlight: Using G Suite to Streamline Order Set Collaboration

Picture this scenario: a patient is presented to critical care with systemic infection after having his feeding tube replaced. The need for replacement arose after his operation, when staff administered two medications that negatively interacted and subsequently clogged the feeding tube. These medications were taken from a recently developed order set meant to support the hospital’s perioperative care. When these internal medication ordering protocols [...]

ICYMI: Weekly Highlights From The Cloud

With the Cloud industry constantly shifting and evolving on an almost daily basis, reading through industry news and key updates can easily become a time-consuming routine. We've consolidated some of the important items to give you a quick glance at what's happening in the cloud. 1. Microsoft Search Outrage - A worldwide crash of both online and local-based searches through Windows 10 has brought [...]

Overview of Google Cloud Search

With more and more businesses making the migration to Google Cloud, knowing what is bundled with your G Suite services is vital to ensuring your company is working as efficiently and optimally as possible. One easily overlooked, but very important, service under the G Suite umbrella is Google Cloud Search. A key aspect of every employee’s standard workday routine is finding & gathering necessary [...]

All About Google Chrome Enterprise

 Google Chrome Enterprise, introduced by Google in 2017, is a business-based workplace solution for deploying and managing Chrome devices, Chrome browser and Chrome OS. Chrome Enterprise provides quality, easy to access and navigate cloud-based administrative tools, integrations with third party services and also offers 24/7 support for IT decision-makers and operators. Starting with the creation and deployment of the Google Chrome internet browser in [...]

3 Ways Google Cloud Is A Natural Fit For Health Care

 The technology revolution that has driven innovation in the health care industry has entered a new era. The early days of electronic medical record systems and back-office digitization are well behind us. In their place, we're moving into an era of maturing big data projects, a strong focus on patient experiences and efforts to unify data across diverse ecosystems within the chain of care.Cloud computing [...]

Unlock Location-Based Marketing with Google Cloud

Location-based marketing strategies are gaining momentum as the next major disruption in how marketers leverage data. A report from The Next Web pointed out that location-based services are vital because they enable marketers to move from using historic data as the exclusive means to predict and anticipate customer behavior. Instead, organizations can leverage historical data alongside real-time information to generate smarter interactions. The trend [...]

Digitization & Rethinking Knowledge Workers

In Light of Digitization, Should We Rethink Knowledge Workers? The knowledge worker has been the bedrock of the modern enterprise for years. These employees, who offer value because of their specific knowledge and information-related skills, have stood out for businesses faced with customers who expect intelligent, personal services. It isn't enough to simply make a good product. Organizations have long realized that information is [...]

Google Maps Platform Expanded – Area #5: All About Data

Our fifth and final post in our series about the various capabilities of Google Maps is centered around the backend of the Maps Platform and the Google Cloud Platform as a whole - the data that’s being utilized, the overall quality of the data, and where that data is derived from. With the increase of more automated, complex, and detailed data-driven processes being implemented [...]

Google Maps Platform Expanded – Area #4: Cloud + Maps

With more and more businesses beginning to utilize the Google Maps Platform (GMP), it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the Google Cloud Platform in order to ensure that any work being done within GMP is built on a solid foundation, both in terms of performance and security, as well as being easy to use and scale. [...]

Cloud Containers Create Flexibility for Emerging IoT Projects

Cloud containers are a potential game changer, and they've arrived just in time to solve many of the problems that come when scaling internet of things projects. Containerized systems in the Google Cloud are a particularly strong fit as Google's ecosystem blends robust data center solutions with AI and machine learning tools that are a natural fit for the IoT. The Fundamental IoT Challenge [...]