inaBOX for BigQuery

inaBOX© for BigQuery offers a turn-key, managed, & heavily secured BigQuery environment

What if your team could start uploading data into BigQuery without wasting time deploying, securing and learning how to use it safely?

inaBOX for BigQuery provides a secure solution, available in minutes, to for customers to get started.

For organizations that don’t have the time, energy, or resources to standup a secured GCP environment, but want to get started using BigQuery as a modern data warehouse and analytics platform, Dito offers a turn-key, managed, and secured BigQuery environment.

BQ inaBOX creates a secure project to accelerate the ability to upload, explore, and archive data in combination with internal/external datasets to quickly provide business intelligence.

Designed for teams

  • Use it to analyze anything from a few kilobytes to multiple petabytes, efficiently

  • Add multiple team members to your BigQuery environment

  • Enable BigQuery complimentary services on demand

  • Track your day to day spend by service

Custom sandbox environments

  • Isolated GCP project environments with secured perimeters

  • Only your team has visibility to the underlying data

  • Schedule consulting time with our experts to help optimize your analytics as needed

  • Track your day to day spend by service

  • Easily upload CSV files for import, with full archive using inexpensive storage, as well as using streamed, live data

Secure & Accelerate Your Cloud Journey