Earlier this summer the Google Maps APIs were rebranded as Google Maps Platform and, along with the name change, Google Cloud introduced a change to the pricing model. Originally, access to the Google Maps APIs for most commercial use cases involved an annual prepaid license: minimum list price of $10k with volume discounts available based on expected usage. It recently transitioned to a post-pay, consumption-based model.

While these changes went into effect on July 16, Standard Plan customers with billing received two months worth of transition credits that will expire at 11:59pm on September 16th, 2018. The objective of the credits was to cover all/most of the new price increase for 2 months while Standard Plan customers optimize their usage and also allow them time to understand the new pricing model.

If you are already utilizing Google Maps and have billing setup

Let us know – Dito can assist with the following:

  • Provide access to additional tier discounts (only available through a partner)
  • Flexible payment options (Google only offers payment by Credit Card)
  • Provide additional support and consultation for your current and future Maps implementations
  • Assist with optimization to reduce costs on the new plan
  • Customers will still keep $200 monthly credit via Google when working with Dito
  • Combine Google Maps with your monthly GCP Billing – all under one billing console

To set up or transfer your monthly Maps billing to Dito

Please fill out the following form or schedule a call with one of our Maps specialists. There are no additional costs or product differences to having Dito manage your Google Maps Platform billing, but many additional and value-added benefits that come with having a Google Cloud Premier Partner by your side.

Optimize Your Maps License

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