Overview of Changes

Google has introduced the new Google Maps Platform (formerly Google Maps APIs), making it easier for organizations to leverage Google’s mapping and location-based technologies to create innovative solutions. Google Maps Platform provides an updated and simplified pricing structure with access to all Google’s core mapping APIs. With this new post-pay consumption-based pricing plan, you will only pay for the services you use with no upfront commitments, termination fees or usage limits.

  • Simpler experience: The entire model has been streamlined from end-to-end, with 1 plan, 1 site, 1 console. 18 different APIs are now organized into three core products – Maps, Routes and Places.
  • Lower cost of entry: Without the larger initial license investment, start-ups and enterprise users alike can focus more on implementing ideas without the obstacle of justifying upfront costs.
  • Consumption based model: Transparent, pay-as-go model ensures you only for what you use, with ability to view usage/costs in real time.
  • Support for all: Free support for all billing enabled customers regardless of usage or spend. Premium, hands-on support is offered for customers whose billing is enabled through Dito.
  • More control: Better control and optimize your usage, choose between basic and advanced features

What this Means to YOU

For Current Maps Premium Plan Customers

  • The migration path will depend on the renewal date of your existing annual license
  • If your renewal date is after September 1st you will be transitioned to the new post-pay model at the time of your renewal
  • If your renewal date is between now and September 1st there are two options:
    • Renew your existing license for a new 12 month licensing term under the current Premium Plan Model
    • Purchase a shorter-term bridge license with enough quota until you can make the migration to the post-pay model after September 1st.

If you are Looking to Begin Using Google Maps

  • Purchase a short-term Bridge SKU
    • This is only available for new customers to purchase until June 11th, and is a good option if need Maps access now and cannot wait until June 11th.
    • If you go with this option, you will need to purchase enough usage to get through the end of September. This will  qualify you as an “existing customer,” and when we can transfer your organization to the new plan
  • Purchase the existing Premium Plan
    • This is only available for new customers to purchase until June 11th.
    • This will provide an annual license and then transition to the new Google Maps Platform pay-as-you-go model next year at renewal.
    • This is a good option for new customers that need Maps now and cannot wait until June 11th – and also benefit from the current Premium Plan pricing model.
  • Wait until June 11th to sign up for the new Google Maps Platform
    • This is a good option for customers that are okay with waiting until the roll out of the new model.
    • Contact Dito to discuss options.

If you are Currently using Google Maps but are Not a Premium Plan Customer

  • If you are currently authenticating requests using an API Key and do not have billing enabled, you will need to enable billing or else requests will begin to fail once $200 of monthly usage has been incurred.
  • If you are authenticating requests using an API Key and have billing enabled, no action is required.
  • If you are not currently authenticating requests with an API Key, requests will begin to fail and Google Maps windows will appear greyed out starting on June 11th. You will need to create an API Key and enable billing to ensure no service disruptions.

Schedule a Consult with a Maps Specialist

Dito’s Google Maps Platform experts are excited to help you develop location-based experiences and here to support you during this transition. We can help you understand the changes, how they impact your application, estimate usage costs, and enable billing. Please contact Dito to explore qualifications for discounted, tiered pricing that we may be able to offer as Google Cloud Premier Partner.


Google Maps Platform has categorized the 18 different APIs into three categories so they are easier to find, understand, and use in development: Maps – Routes – Places.

Maps – Build customized map experiences that bring the real world to your users.

  • Features included:
    • Maps
    • Streetview
  • APIs included:
    • Maps JavaScript API
    • Maps Static API
    • Street View API
    • Maps SDK for Android
    • Maps SDK for iOS

Routes  Give your users the best way to get from A to Z.

  • Features included:
    • Directions
    • Distance Matrix
    • Roads
  • APIs included:
    • Directions API
    • Distance Matrix API
    • Roads API
    • Maps JavaScript API

Places – Help users discover the world with rich details.

  • Features included:
    • Place Details
    • Current Place
    • Find Place
    • Geocoding
    • Geolocation
    • Time Zone
  • APIs included:
    • Places Library, Maps JavaScript API
    • Places SDK for Android
    • Places SDK for iOS
    • Places API for Web
    • Geocoding API
    • Geolocation API
    • Time Zone API
    • Elevation API

Transition Timeline

Current Premium Plan holders with a renewal before September 1st have the option to renew for another year or purchase a shorter-term bridge SKU and transition after September 1st. Current Premium Plan holders whose license expires after September 1st must transition to the new post pay model.

With so many unique deployments of Google Maps APIs — Standard Plan, Premium Plan, and even customer that have Premium Plan licensing but also have additional Standard Plan implementations — we strongly encourage you to schedule a brief consultation with our Maps specialists to discuss your situation and optimize your path moving forward.

Schedule a Consult with a Maps Specialist