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Data: Tamed & Trained

Put a new twist on collection and analysis with Google-sized queries.

It’s been estimated that 1.7MB of data is created every SECOND for every person on earth.

Organizing, analyzing, and, most importantly, making decision from the data that organizations accumulate can seem like a Sisyphean task.

Lakes of Data in the Cloud

What was previously archived as a “someday” data analysis project can now be painlessly brought to life.

Through a combination of big data analytics tools on Google Cloud Platform, you can efficiently tap into the vast stores of unstructured, raw data at the same scale and computing power as Google itself.

And don’t worry if all sounds too complex. We can help you get set up, structure your queries, ask the right questions, and maybe even toss in a little machine learning to train your new favorite analytics engine.

Data Management as a Service

Organizations of all size are looking to access and share their data in an easy to manage way.

Leveraging the tools and services of Google Cloud Platform and Dito expertise, any organization can develop scaleable, world-class data visualizations.

The demands of cloud-scale computing, from terabytes of data to petabytes of data, are providing increasing challenges for all data storage and retrevial mechanisms.

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