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More than 5,000,000 businesses have gone Google, including 64% of the Fortune 500. Success Leaves Clues.

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Focused exclusively around the Google Cloud product lines, Dito has developed deep expertise and experience deploying customers across all major verticals and legacy systems. As one of the original “Google Apps Authorized Resellers,” Dito has been helping companies Go Google since 2008.

google apps for work

Google Apps for Work is a set of cloud-based tools that helps you and your team collaborate and get things done from anywhere, on virtually any device.

  • All-inclusive productivity suite includes email, document creation, file storage & sharing, video meetings, and so much more
  • Centralized admin interface streamlines IT workload for managing users, devices, and security settings

apps for work

google maps for work

Google Maps for Work provides the world’s most popular map to help you and your employees visualize business data and make better decisions.

  • Transform location-based data sets into actionable insights
  • Embed maps in your web & mobile apps to create a more visual and engaging experience

google maps

chrome for work

Chrome for Work delivers a browser and devices that are secure, speedy, and simple to manage. The Chrome OS and devices include Chromebooks and Chromebox for Meetings.

  • Easily management 10s, 100’s, or 1000’s of devices from a centralized web interface
  • Place affordable video conferencing systems throughout your offices to keep teams connected


It’s a Big Decision & Doing Your Research Can be Confusing.

With a quick phone call, our Google for Work specialists can point you in the right direction, helping you understand the different solutions and explore potential use-cases for your organization.

We love our clients!

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