Transform Your Organization with Google Workspace + Dito

Work is changing – make sure it is for the better with Google Workspace and Dito

How we work is constantly changing and over the last few years, it has changed drastically. More and more people work remotely and even more are working in a hybrid model combining remote work with some time in the office.

Organizations across industries and sectors are trying to determine how to make sure productivity isn’t affected by this ‘new normal’. How do they maintain a high level of collaboration and creativity? How do they retain and even improve their culture? These questions are constantly being discussed across all levels of the organization.

Google has the answer – Google Workspace! It’s your one-stop-shop for everything you know and love about Google. Gmail. Calendar. Drive. Docs. Sheets. Slides. Meet. Chat. and much, much more. Built on Google’s Cloud infrastructure, you can also rest assured that your remote/hybrid workforce is collaborating on the most secure environment possible.

Google Workspace is a proven tool to create, communicate, and collaborate whether you are in an office or spread across the world, whether you are on a remote job site or a frontline worker on a device – you can trust us on this – we use it!

For many organizations, the big question is how do they transform into a hybrid work environment (or a completely remote one) and capitalize on Google Workspace’s amazing collaborative tools and technology? This seems like a daunting task, fraught with a variety of technology challenges and pitfalls such as organizational downtime and lack of security.

Dito has the answer – Google Workspace! Yes, it is the same answer, but when organizations work with Dito, they get training, support, and the best IT team in the business. We’ve been a Google partner for well over a decade, and were one of the original Google partners brought into the ecosystem. On top of that – have you heard we were recently announced Google’s Security Partner of the Year?

When you work with Dito to transform your organization, we provide 24 hours every year of training for admins, tailored role-based education for other staff and end-users, upgrade instructions, and train-the-trainer coaching sessions. We get your staff up and running fast and make sure they know how to use the tools they need right from the start. As a Google Cloud partner – our services and support we provide are top notch.

Every quarter, we review your operations and infrastructure to make sure everything is working as planned, and we provide an additional service, whether it is a security assessment or productivity training, workflow optimization or identity and access management. The main thing is your team is productive and collaborative.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to all of Google’s resources and we help them test brand new services and products. We pass this insight on to our clients so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

And if you need it, Dito offers the option of premium, 24/7 support with our certified experts. We provide quarterly reviews to evaluate goals and provide Dito specialists to help you achieve them. Our team can also provide front-line support and security consulting so you’re not only transforming for the better but your success is accelerated.

The new normal is still in flux. Your organization is figuring it out in real time. If you’re ready to move to fully remote or want to introduce a hybrid approach to work in your organization do it right the first time. Chat with a Dito transformation agent and start your transformation today!

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