Dito Wins 2021 Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year Award!

Dito  was recognized for demonstrating innovative thinking, outstanding customer service, and best-in-class use of Google Cloud products and solutions

We’re honored to win the Google Cloud Specialization of the Year Award for Security. This award recognizes excellence in security. We leveraged the Google Cloud to create solutions that made a large impact for our clients.

Security is a huge priority for enterprises. At Dito, it’s been part of everything we do for more than a decade. We doubled-down on our efforts in 2021.

We received our security specialization – joining only a handful of partners worldwide. We adopted a holistic approach that includes external, internal, reputation management, and regulations.

We implemented superior security policies and procedures to keep our data and our clients data secure. We also developed documented and repeatable authority to operate materials to help clients prepare, measure, and install security frameworks.

“Dito is the partner that has done the most to enable the Global Public Sector Security and Compliance team to scale up to meet
customer demand. They are true experts in their field, and absolute professionals. I am thankful for our partnership and am
looking forward to continuing to expand our partnership in 2022.”

  • Israel Groves – Google Strategic Cloud Advisor

We collaborated with Google to help define and deliver FedRAMP Cloud services. We also helped thousands of enterprises in 2021 by hosting free, educational Google Cloud security seminars. We developed inaBOX accelerators (GAMinaBOX, BigQuery inaBOX, ATOinaBOX, and others) that use Google Cloud products combined with “infrastructure as code” security and deployment tooling. This helped clients quickly and effectively demonstrate the value for security assessments, security framework implementation, and incident responses. This allowed organizations to gain valuable business insights from logs and security information and event management systems.

For us, 2021 was “the year of security”. We achieved our security specialization and teamed with the Google PSO team to define, deliver, and secure several Google Cloud solutions.

A big win was our work with New York State to implement Google Enterprise Captcha protocols, and secure and scale Covid-19 testing for the entire state. We collaborated with Google to help one of the country’s most affected regions battle the pandemic. We worked directly with the Google Public Sector Security & Compliance team to define and deliver solutions for Egnyte and their FedRAMP Authority to operate and project, including a better understanding of the process, risks, and best practices. We also helped define products and processes so more clients can achieve a FedRamp AOP.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful employees, clients and partners. Thank you for your tireless support and congratulations to the other Partner of the Year award winners.

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