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Collaboration & Productivity  –  Location Services  –  IT Modernization

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Join us for an interactive exploration and discussion on the latest in Google Cloud, covering topics such as:

  • Top low-risk, quick-win cloud initiatives

  • The merging of Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning in your business

  • From zero to global, Google-scale, in a few clicks

  • Latest security best practices in cloud deployments

  • The seamless “anywhere worker” tech stack to max out productivity

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Big Data & Analytics – Building IoT Solutions

Preston Holmes & Gayathri Rajan of Google discuss how businesses can improve visibility into the health of their products and services using data from connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how to use the big data and analytics capabilities of GCP to build end-to-end solutions that collect, transform, and analyze this torrent of IoT data.

Guide to Storage Options with Google Cloud Platform

Different applications & workloads require different storage solutions. This video helps you understand which solutions fit your business needs.

Google Maps APIs in Action

David McClusky, Google Maps Solutions Engineer illustrates how a small business uses Google Maps APIs to engage its mobile customer base and streamline operations.

4 Ways to Protect Your Business More Secure on G Suite

Google security expert Andriel Rotzler walks you through four powerful ways to protect your organization’s data: 2-step verification, password alerts, data loss prevention, and email authentication.

Chrome OS & Devices: Security Overview

Chrome OS Product Manager, David Karam, provides an overview of Chrome OS security.

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