Simplifying Enterprise Voice Service

Google Voice turns the phone into an app. Calls to your number are automatically forwarded to the version of the app you are running, letting you easily switch between devices and interfaces depending on your needs. No more giving clients work and mobile phone numbers. Just set one number that goes straight to Google Voice wherever you are.

From number assignment and porting to billing and customization based on workflows, Google Voice provides front and back-end capabilities that reduce complexity and make it easier to both configure and use Google Voice on a day-to-day basis.

Google Voice filters spam and transcribes voicemail messages so you can focus on the calls that are relevant to your work and avoid distractions.

Bring Voice to Your Productivity Suite

Beneath the surface, the Google Cloud Platform is all about connectivity and ease of use. By housing a wide range of apps and services in a single platform, Google can easily integrate data and functionality across solutions so you can get powerful functionality without complexity.

Hangouts Integration

Get the power of robust contact center solutions by receiving contextual data for meetings directly in the call interface.

Calendar Integration

Schedule calls easily and go straight from your calendar into a call – simplifying the user experience and time that could be potentially wasted.

Smooth Your Transition to Google Cloud

Today’s employees aren’t bound to their desks. Their workstation is just one many devices they may use in a given day, and there’s no reason why your workers shouldn’t have access to their contacts, phone number and call receiving capabilities across a variety of device environments.

Google Voice makes this possible, providing a VoIP-based voice service that can run across a variety of device formats. A single phone number can apply to a smartphone, laptop or other connected devices so you always have your phone with you, regardless of how you’re working.

Virtualized phone services are well-established, but they are often complex tools built first for the contact center and ported into enterprise settings. This can leave users dealing with interface complexity and IT teams with onerous backend management tasks. 

Google Voice is built for simplicity, modernizing the enterprise phone for easy portability on web and mobile interfaces.

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