Location data is strategically valuable information that Google Maps makes accessible.

Boost e-commerce checkout conversions.

Optimize routes for on-demand delivery services, real-time with constant updates.

Power geospatial awareness for asset tracking & compliance.

The Google Maps APIs let you build mapping functionality into existing apps & services.

Upgrade Your Team’s Efforts

Dito’s mapping specialists can work with you to identify use cases for business, from customer-focused initiatives to back-end analytical efforts.

Apply Google’s Mapping Technologies to Your Business

Google Maps APIs can be built into web, mobile, internal, and OEM applications – giving your easy access to the world’s most advanced mapping capabilities.

Robust Features & Valuable Data

Mapping applications aren’t a novelty. They can be mission critical, with location data being able to be converted into business value by using mapping & visualization information.

Google Maps Extensive List of Features

Address Completion

Create stronger user experiences by automatically suggesting and completing addresses. Whether you are auto-filling an address when users are searching for a nearby point of interest, or simplifying the ecommerce shopping cart checkout process, Google Maps makes life easier for your users.

Route Optimization

Customers and field workers increasingly expect tools to help them find the best way to get where they’re going. From traffic data that warns users of normal delays when planning trips, to real-time route adjustments, Google Maps is a natural fit for consumer, rideshare, taxi and logistics operations.

Map Integration

Don’t make users leave your app to access Google Maps. You can integrate Maps into your product suite and Dito can help you optimize your licenses to get the performance you need in a valuable package.

Enhanced Features Forge a Path to Creativity

A Google Maps API license unlocks access to a wide range of features that equip your teams with the tools they need to use location and geospatial data in valuable ways. Dito can help you achieve this potential through consulting and support services that ensure you understand your options and get the most from your licensing strategy. Key features included in the Google Maps API include:

Extensive Library of APIs

Places, Directions, Distance Matrix, Roads, & Geolocation APIs: Get direct access to some of Google’s most powerful mapping tools.

Logistics Planning

Assistance & Route Planner, Store Locator, & On-Time Order Pickup: Get users relevant information in the right context to strengthen interactions.

Improved Admin

Asset Tracking & Field Force Management: Optimize your workforce, improve regulatory compliance, and protect assets in transit through location-specific data insights.

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