Google Hire – G Suite Integrated Recruiting Application

Efficiently identify, evaluate, and hire the best candidates.

The Power of Google, Applied to Recruiting

Hire is an easy-to-use recruiting application from Google that helps small to medium businesses efficiently identify, evaluate, and hire the best candidates.

Watch the 3-minute video below to get a quick understanding of the Google Hire application and how it fits within the broader integration with G Suite to simplify your recruiting and candidate tracking workflows.

Click here for access to a more in-depth presentation, or schedule a consultation with one of our Google Hire specialists to get pricing and explore specific features in more detail.

Case Study: Hire And Trader Interactive

Hire by Google, enables Trader Interactive to grow the company while saving the recruiting team time

Efficient Workflows through G Suite Integration

Save recruiting team time by eliminating the toggling back-and-forth between Gmail, Calendar, Docs and a recruiting system. Hire is a seamless part of G suite.

Find Candidates w/Power of Google Search

Uncover “warm” candidates in your previously untapped database of candidate profiles.

Complete View of Candidate Interactions

Clear transparency with GMail and Calendar integration ensures that every candidate interaction is recorded so you know who took what activity has taken place.

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