Watch it Work” Webinar with Demo and Q&A
Thursday, Sep 28 @ 1pm EST

Running Oracle on Google Cloud with Turnkey “inaBOX” Solution

The Efficient & Cost-Effective Way to Migrate Oracle Workloads to the Cloud

Do you have Oracle databases you want to move to the Cloud? Are you looking for an alternative to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure?

We have removed the major obstacles holding you back from migrating Oracle workloads to the cloud and provide everything you need to migrate Oracle systems efficiently and cost-effectively!

Now, you can combine Google Cloud bare metal infrastructure — with servers in a colocation facility, allowing most organizations to transfer their existing licenses without incurring penalties — and Dito’s “inaBOX” packaged implementation for Oracle workloads that provides virtualization, license management, and high availability capabilities.

During the webinar, you will learn how our solution allows you to:

  • Move your Oracle databases closer to applications running in Google Cloud
  • Run RAC or legacy versions – just like you can on premise
  • Own your own data – have complete sovereignty over your data without upfront hardware investment

Oracle Bare Metal Solution
“BMS inaBOX” demo on 9/28/23 @ 1pm EST

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