Conversational AI Chatbot for Digital Engagement

Rapidly deploy rich, interactive, and conversational experiences with your customers using our Dialogflow-based chatbot solution.

The user-friendly admin console allows for simplified backend control to easily update your conversational design and user flows in real-time, train your model by quickly classifying intents, and run analysis on the conversational data submitted.

Simplified Administration

Easily manage your chatbot’s knowledge base from one convenient location, including the ability for administrators from multiple teams to design responses for their respective content paths and keep it in sync with the backend database.

   Works with Google Assistant

   Export Data to BigQuery

Utilizing Dialogflow for Chatbots

Our Dito technical specialists walk you through how Dialogflow works, and how you can use it to create conversational, A.I. & Machine Learning-based chatbots to interact with users, such as our DIDI chatbot.

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