Designed to power modern enterprises in user-friendly ways

Simple, but powerful computers that bring speed to everyday work tasks. Running on Chrome OS, these minimalist computers come in the form of laptops, full workstations and computing sticks so your employees can work flexibly on a single, secure operating systems.

Chromebooks for business blend simplified, everyday computing with enterprise-class engineering and security.

Voice and video conferencing can fuel powerful meetings in which remote teams can connect. Chromebase and Chromebox devices provide HD video capture and transmission designed specifically for conference rooms. Bundled devices are designed for rooms that can handle up to 20 people.

Make video conferencing easy with devices that are easy to deploy, manage and remotely control via a web interface.

Whether for one screen or thousands, Chrome OS can pair with your existing content management solution to manage digital signage through a single interface.

Regardless of your application – from lobbies to factory floors – Chrome Digital Signage solutions deliver the powerful performance businesses need in a low-cost hardware package.

The Chrome OS can be configured for automated updates and flexible authentication. This makes it easy to establish shared devices or single-purpose kiosks without sacrificing security or creating back-end complexity.

A Modern Design Philosophy

Digital technologies are everywhere. Businesses need to provide anytime, anywhere access to powerful solutions without hassling end users or IT workers. Chrome OS is built to make digital capabilities accessible by eliminating unnecessary features by focusing on the mission critical capabilities business need.

Simplified Security

Encryption, sandboxing and automatic updates are built into Chrome, making it easier to keep devices protecting without having to add complex, resource intensive third-party security solutions.

Streamlined Interface

The Chrome OS uses a mobile-like interface to ensure user-friendly interactivity regardless of which device type an employee is using. Services are delivered within G-Suite, ensuring users can switch between devices without losing access to files and data.


Chrome devices start in seconds and get faster over time as OS updates fuel efficiency gains. With Google’s Cloud Engineer team constantly pushing out updates and improvements, your devices will stay modernized.

Device Management

Minimalist design and streamlined interfaces are great for end users, but IT needs controls to manage devices and protect the network. Chrome device management tools simplify configuration, maintenance and system setting management at scale.

A New Path to Powerful Computing

Learn More About Chrome Enterprise

Combat common myths about Chrome OS and the current state of end-user computing, and learn about more about Google’s vision for the product in the years to come.

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