The Challenge

Upon the creation of a GCP environment to host their applications utilizing Google Compute Engine, Datopian realized the need for an audit to ensure that their project was architected appropriately. Datopian requested Dito to audit the infrastructure and provide observations and recommendations to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. 

The Solution

Dito worked closely with Datopian’s internal team to review the foundation of their project’s infrastructure. After a thorough review of the system, Dito’s cloud engineers provided their expertise in the form of identifying various potential issues, including: over-granted permissions, inadequate role definitions, unused persistent disks in particular regions, and committed use discounts.

The Benefits

By performing numerous cost optimization assessments in the past, Dito was able to lend its expertise to a client who desired candid advice on how best to model it’s cloud environment.

Datopian is now able to harness the detailed instruction set that Dito provided to immediately realize cost savings and valuable security, monitoring, and container migration strategies.

Dito engineers examined the client environment, compared their findings against documented and proven best practices, and then advised the customer on the logic behind their observations. Datopian needed knowledgeable cloud infrastructure advice and technical insights around Google Cloud.

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