Microservices: The Next Step in Cloud Elasticity

Microservices can seem like your worst nightmare at first glance. When somebody tells you that you now get to manage a discrete service for each function included in a task, as opposed to a single application, the idea is going to get some pushback. In the cloud microservices world, that pushback has already happened. Early microservice adopters had to deal with significant operational overhead [...]

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Understanding Data Lakes on GCP

With Amazon introducing its new Lake Formation product, the global data lake market is anticipated to reach nearly $12 billion by 2024, according to Advanced Market Analytics. While Microsoft offers its own solution through Azure Data Lake, Google boasts an in-depth, fully managed suite of data lake processing and analytics tools in Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataproc, and Cloud Dataflow.  What is a data lake? [...]

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Data Foundational in Business Innovation: Impact on Enterprise IT

Data is the bedrock of modern business. If you aren't capturing, moving, analyzing and using data efficiently, then you're positioning yourself to fall behind. IT leaders trying to respond to this environment increasingly find themselves needing to rethink how they deploy and manage solutions to make the most of what data has to offer. In simplest terms, data has become king. To understand this [...]

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Dito Achieves the Location-Based Services Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Specialization Program

Dito’s Continued Success in Mapping and Location Services Recognized by Google Cloud Palo Alto, CA, July 15, 2019 -- Dito, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, today announced that it has achieved the Location-Based Services Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Dito has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the mapping and location-based services [...]

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Anthos: Bringing Portability to Your Cloud Deployments

  In early April, Google announced a new solution, Anthos, designed to empower businesses to keep up with the growing challenges of hybrid, multi-cloud environments. In simplest terms, Anthos is a software-based management system that provides oversight, integration and control between multiple cloud environments, giving businesses the flexibility to move applications and services between cloud environments based on their needs. Why Does Anthos Matter? Cloud [...]

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GKE On-Prem Could Hold Key to Smoother Cloud Migration for Some Organizations

Making a transition to the cloud seems simple enough when you just want to subscribe to a few apps and offload some data storage functionality. But it's an entirely different matter once you enter the territory of a large-scale cloud migration. With more businesses taking a cloud-first approach to their IT operations, many find themselves in a situation where their existing [...]

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Using IoT Data for BI in 3 Steps: Capture, Store and Process

Performing real-time big-data analytics is emerging as the holy grail of the internet of things world. In this case, we're not necessarily talking about the extreme real-time processing needed for automated manufacturing or autonomous vehicles. Those usually require a blend of edge computing and specialized AI. Instead, we're looking at getting information smoothly from where the work is being done to where business leaders are [...]

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Serverless Computing Unlocking New Era of Dev Efficiency

There's no way around it, developing new apps and software is an expensive, resource-intensive task. However, cloud computing is helpful in this pursuit; it provides more infrastructure flexibility and brings cost savings as engineers allocate resources based on their needs. With less capacity planning necessary and greater scalability, the cloud provides more freedom to streamline business. Many companies are realizing serverless computing is an option [...]

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5 Tips for Migrating Your VMs to the Cloud

Cloud migration always presents a challenge. You have to figure out how you're going to move data between locations. You have to rework your cost projections and user expectations. The change can be dramatic, but some parts of the process are often overlooked. One of those is moving virtual machines to the cloud. It's natural to not worry too much about VMs. After all, they're [...]

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Intro to Asset Tracking Capabilities on Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform is transforming asset tracking by bringing a diverse range of systems and APIs together into a single holistic platform. Historically, asset tracking has been a complex process that was often limited to items stored within the corporate network. Pervasive wireless connectivity and the internet of things have allowed for easier asset tracking, but that has not solved the complex integration and [...]

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