Top 5 Areas and Use Cases Where Google Maps Excels

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The mission of the Google Maps Platform has been to help people navigate and explore the world wherever they are. Since launching in 2005 as a web mapping product, Google Maps has evolved over the years to encompass a diverse suite of 18 APIs powering over 4 million sites & apps. Location data provides the backbone and the needed context for individuals and businesses [...]

Microservices: The Next Step in Cloud Elasticity

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Microservices can seem like your worst nightmare at first glance. When somebody tells you that you now get to manage a discrete service for each function included in a task, as opposed to a single application, the idea is going to get some pushback. In the cloud microservices world, that pushback has already happened. Early microservice adopters had to deal with significant operational overhead [...]

Understanding Data Lakes on GCP

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With Amazon introducing its new Lake Formation product, the global data lake market is anticipated to reach nearly $12 billion by 2024, according to Advanced Market Analytics. While Microsoft offers its own solution through Azure Data Lake, Google boasts an in-depth, fully managed suite of data lake processing and analytics tools in Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataproc, and Cloud Dataflow.  What is a data lake? [...]

Data Foundational in Business Innovation: Impact on Enterprise IT

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Data is the bedrock of modern business. If you aren't capturing, moving, analyzing and using data efficiently, then you're positioning yourself to fall behind. IT leaders trying to respond to this environment increasingly find themselves needing to rethink how they deploy and manage solutions to make the most of what data has to offer. In simplest terms, data has become king. To understand this [...]

GKE On-Prem Could Hold Key to Smoother Cloud Migration for Some Organizations

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Making a transition to the cloud seems simple enough when you just want to subscribe to a few apps and offload some data storage functionality. But it's an entirely different matter once you enter the territory of a large-scale cloud migration. With more businesses taking a cloud-first approach to their IT operations, many find themselves in a situation where their existing [...]

Serverless Computing Unlocking New Era of Dev Efficiency

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There's no way around it, developing new apps and software is an expensive, resource-intensive task. However, cloud computing is helpful in this pursuit; it provides more infrastructure flexibility and brings cost savings as engineers allocate resources based on their needs. With less capacity planning necessary and greater scalability, the cloud provides more freedom to streamline business. Many companies are realizing serverless computing is an option [...]

5 Tips for Migrating Your VMs to the Cloud

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Cloud migration always presents a challenge. You have to figure out how you're going to move data between locations. You have to rework your cost projections and user expectations. The change can be dramatic, but some parts of the process are often overlooked. One of those is moving virtual machines to the cloud. It's natural to not worry too much about VMs. After all, they're [...]

Beyond Cloud Infrastructure: Enabling Digital Transformation Throughout the Business

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Digital transformation demands an overhaul of longstanding perceptions of what IT departments do and how they interact with the business. As a result, transformation is not simply a matter of adopting the cloud and depending on modernized cloud ecosystems. Instead, it comes down to blending cultural and technological innovation to establish new expectations around how IT functions and new capabilities that align how people work [...]

Using Dialogflow to Unlock the Potential of Speech-based App Interfaces

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Convenience and ease of use have long dominated the worlds of user interface and experience, but these attributes have become even more essential in an age of rapid technological change. The days of slow, iterative release cycles are over. If a user takes a month to get comfortable with your app, they'll find themselves in a constant cycle of learning because new features and versions [...]

IMPORTANT: Kubernetes Clusters Security Vulnerability

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Dito wanted to write a quick post (posted on 12/4/18 at 11:27 am PST) to help bring awareness to a recently discovered Kubernetes flaw that is making its way through the container community. TLDR - A privilege escalation flaw was found that affects all master versions of the Kubernetes API server. Google Cloud customer clusters were already patched by Google, so no action is required. To [...]