All About Google Chrome Enterprise

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 Google Chrome Enterprise, introduced by Google in 2017, is a business-based workplace solution for deploying and managing Chrome devices, Chrome browser and Chrome OS. Chrome Enterprise provides quality, easy to access and navigate cloud-based administrative tools, integrations with third party services and also offers 24/7 support for IT decision-makers and operators. Starting with the creation and deployment of the Google Chrome internet browser in [...]

Adoption of Google Chrome Helps Drive Innovation at Aquent

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Early and Continued Adoption of Google Chrome Helps Drive Innovation at Aquent From its founding in a dorm room in 1986 with the idea of applying new desktop graphics technology to clients more accustomed to traditional typographic services, Aquent continually has sought to provide innovative, technology-driven services to a growing client base. Still privately held, Aquent today provides creative, digital and marketing staffing services to [...]

The Apps Show: Chrome devices, Chromebits, and Chromebooks

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The Apps Show - Chrome devices, Chromebits, and Chromebooks This episode is all about the hardware. And the timing on this is great, as it seems our options for laptops and mobile devices grow larger every week. Listen in as James and Drea clue you into what’s new on the market and let us know which are their favorites at work. Cloud philosophy is at the core of all the hardware outlined here. These are laptops [...]

Chrome just made security a little easier with their little green lock

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Chrome just made security a little easier with their little green lock Ever been searching across the web and come along a little green lock on the left side of your browser's address bar? This coveted icon indicates that some advanced security measures are in place, and Google just made it easier for developers to identify which connection errors are keeping them away from the green lock. As security is [...]

Chromebox for Large Meetings: Bigger, Better, Louder

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When Chromebox for meetings first launched last year, Google had one goal in mind: to help teams meet face-to-face or room-to-room, no matter where they are located. One year later, Chromebox for meetings has been widely adopted and regularly used to lessen the barrier to remote collaboration. This is why the team behind Chromebox for meetings is excited to announce that they now support larger [...]

The One Meeting with Google That Will Change All Our Future Meetings

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Lots of things have changed in the past 6 years... Our cellphones have two cameras on them, because no one wants to guess at how good their selfie looks; “friends” are no longer required to be people you’ve met in real life; and the mention of a “cloud” has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. There have been some big changes, but among the [...]

Chromebooks for Work – Hangout on Air today

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The Chrome team is hosting a Hangout on Air today, October 29th at 1:30pm EDT 10:30am PDT. Google’s product team is getting together to share new Chromebook for Work features and technology, and to answer questions in real time by both the Google Product Team and Costco, an existing customer. RSVP for the Hangout on Air on Wednesday, October 29th if you would like to see how Chromebooks for Work [...]