With early customer deployments used to help train the natural language modeling on the backend, the initial off-the-shelf solution is being offered to state and local governments. The chatbot’s architecture is extensible, enterprise-ready, and able to be rapidly configured to work across many industries and use cases. The current version supports up to fifty frequently asked questions and conversational paths, with next steps and content prompts displayed based on assigned and learned relevancy.

“We’ve found that organizations are increasingly interested in using AI to provide more engaging text and speech-based interfaces that offer real time solutions to customer challenges, but the challenge has been the need for large amounts of data and modeling,” states David Cutter, Director of Marketing at Dito. “Using Dialogflow, we’ve been able to develop a rapidly customizable chatbot framework to deliver a conversational user experience, ideal for enabling automated self-service based on knowledge base or other standardized content.”

By enabling residents to quickly initiate and complete their own inquiries through a web interface or through its speech-based integration with Google Assistant, the chatbot offers immediate, reliable, and interactive support while allowing local governments to free up and reallocate staffing resources to more impactful initiatives.

Dito is a sponsor at Google Cloud Next ‘19 and is demoing its chatbot solution at Booth S1525. The team is also available to discuss your initiatives around IT modernization, hybrid cloud, data analytics, G Suite, and Google Maps Platform.

About Dito 
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