Multi-Cloud Strategies with Google Cloud Platform on the Rise

The expectation that IT departments contribute more and more to solving business problems and drive value across the organization grows stronger by the year. Gone are the days of simply managing hardware, servers, and providing end-user support; they are now expected to find innovative ways to maximize cloud technologies for employees, products, and internal platforms.

As more mission-critical data and applications are run in the cloud, it’s imperative that organizations are mapping out a multi-cloud strategy as part of a fall-back or disaster recovery solution. There is also the financial opportunity to take advantage of price differences between hosting and optimizing applications across different cloud infrastructures.

That being said, operating in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments can bring workload challenges and add to the resource utilization, performance, and cost limitations. Over the last few years Google Cloud has significantly ramped up its commitment (through leadership changes, resources and investment, and re-tooling its offering) to enable organizations of all shapes and sizes to better take advantage of its cutting edge scale and technologies on GCP.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing

Google Cloud Platform offers a great range of business benefits for its customers. Not only does GCP perform better than AWS and Microsoft Azure in many use cases — particularly in terms of scalability, backups, network integration, migration, and security — it also provides a very cost-effective solution that should be at the top of your list for evaluation in today’s multi-cloud environment.

Sustained Use Discounts

A sustained-use discounting model lowers the pricing automatically when you use Google Compute Engine’s VMs for longer duration. Depending on volume, our customers are seeing discounts of 25%-24% every month.

Per Minute Billing

While most other cloud service providers bill based on rounded hours, Google Cloud Platform payment rates allow you to pay for the cloud services you use on a per-minute basis. This can add up over time and with usage to significant amounts of cost savings.

Rightsizing Recommendations

Google’s Cloud Platform recommends you optimize the resource utilization of your VM instances based on the CPU and RAM usage of the VM you are using. Recommendations are one thing, but having them one click away is a nice touch to making your decisions a bit easier.

Nearline & Coldline Storage

With 1 cent per GB/month pricing for Nearline & 0.7 cents per GB/month pricing for Coldline, Cloud Storage delivers price and performance across all your data archival requirements.

Preemptive VM Instances

Google Cloud Platform offers you Preemptible VM instances with a custom pricing instead of market price. Preemptible VMs, ideal for short term batch jobs, are affordable, short lived, and predictable.

Pay-As-You-Go with No Termination Fees

We make the payment arrangements easy for you with our pay-as-you-go or bulk upfront pricing. To further that, working with Dito can simplify and consolidate your billing so that you stop worrying about figuring out your various projects spending and focus more on innovation for your business.