Google Gmail for Small Business vs Free Email Accounts from Hosting Providers

We understand – they certainly make it attractive to sign up with a hosting service and take advantage of the free email addresses that they give you.  In theory it’s a great way to get started and keep your out-of-pocket to a minimum, but you soon come to realize it’s not as straightforward and user friendly as you’re use to (likely with your personal Gmail account).

Whether is scouring support sites on how to properly setup your email aliases to forward correctly, dealing with POP settings you’ve never heard of, or trying to piece-meal your way to an integrated calendar and email set-up — your time is being shifted to unproductive “IT work” that isn’t moving your business forward.

You also come to realize that your documents are out of control and have started to increase in version numbers as they get passed back and forth between different members of your team. They are stored locally, as attachments in your inbox, and dispersed across several cloud storage options you signed up for and started testing.

As a small business owner, this is a dangerous mode of operation and  you quickly realize the value of your time (and that of your employees). With an integrated and hassle-free technology stack — like G Suite — your email, calendar, file storage, and core productivity tools are always available, up-to-date, and work seamlessly across devices, sessions, and locations… laptop at the coffee shop, desktop at home, and mobile device in between, well, everything.

A Cup of Coffee?

Starting at just $50 / user / year, that’s just $4.17 per user per month.  While the time savings alone can easily justify your switching to Google, enabling your team with the latest in cloud collaboration and productivity tools will drive value in so many ways you will question your own sanity for ever trying to do it yourself to begin with.

How Does it All Work?

Setting up and configuring your company’s new G Suite accounts is pretty straightforward, even for a non-techie. If you are looking to migrate over any existing email accounts or data, we have a team ready to assist so you seamlessly step into a new era of productivity. Our pricing is straight-forward – in fact, it’s the same as you get from Google Cloud directly – but you get all the benefits of our expertise for your support, application development, and licensing needs as your business grows.

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