Breaking Down the Efficiency of Combining Your Inbox and Salesforce

Use Salesforce? Use email (aka Gmail for many of you)?

There’s multitudes of apps out there that promise to save you time, make you more productive, or just generally make you better at working. However, most of them take more time and effort to adopt than simply sticking to your current workflow. In other words, their promises don’t hold up.

We’re both used to that hyperbolic marketing language. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Cirrus Insight is guaranteed to save you time. I’ll even go one step farther and say that the time saved will make a significant impact and have a high return on your investment.

Cirrus Insight connects your inbox to Salesforce while offering a host of sales tools. You boost Salesforce adoption and increase your sales win rate. And one of the most mundane sounding, but huge benefits, is how much time it saves you. I’ve interviewed with several of our clients, and the amazing amount of time saved always comes up as a topic. Guaranteed.


I’ll break down exactly how the app saves you time and how much that time adds up to your benefit.


How Cirrus Saves You Time

There’s a variety of ways Cirrus Insight can save you time, but we’re going to go over the most popular three.

First area where time is saved? You don’t have to log into Salesforce every time you need to look at SF data. With Cirrus, you can always see Salesforce. Instead of switching tabs, doing a search, finding the right person, and finally pulling up the info you needed, you glance to the side panel in the right-hand side of your screen that matches the email you have pulled up.

You save even more time if you get around having to log into Salesforce (not to mention two-factor) several times each day.

The real time-savings come from not having to manually log emails in Salesforce or BCC emails to Salesforce. Instead you click our Add-to-Salesforce button. Or better yet, you set up an automatic email sync. What’s easier and takes less time than doing nothing at all to add an email to Salesforce?

A quick glance at your inbox will help you see which emails have been added to Salesforce. It’s a simple thing that’s highly useful for making sure all your work gets into Salesforce

Finally, the third biggest source of saved time comes from our Book Meeting feature. Salespeople are constantly needing to schedule meetings with prospects or clients. Normally, it takes a string of emails giving times and checking schedules before a meeting is set.


With Book Meeting, you simply pick times off your calendar and those times are added to the email. The recipient clicks the best option. The times are added to both calendars. You schedule a meeting with one email. We calculate it saves you seven minutes scheduling each time you use.

How Does that Time Add Up?

Time to dig into the math. Navigating from your inbox into Salesforce to save information and log an email takes approximately 15 clicks depending on your set-up. With Cirrus it takes two.

So if a busy sales rep is handling around 100 customer interactions that need to be logged to Salesforce each day, they go from needing to make 1,500 clicks to making 200 clicks. Based on conversations with customers, they are saving close to 75 minutes of time over the course of the day, because of not needing to make those extra clicks. That’s less than one minute saved per customer interaction, but it all adds up.


By the end of the week, each user has saved 6.25 hours. Even more if they’ve been scheduling meetings. That’s 6.25 extra hours of handling customer interactions instead of dealing with Salesforce. Suddenly, each of your sales reps has 20% more time for work. If you have five sales reps using Cirrus Insight, it’s equal to having six sales not using Cirrus Insight.

The cost of Cirrus Insight for 5 reps for year is a fraction of the amount needed to hire another sales rep. We’re talking a tiny fraction too like 1/30 or even 1/50 depending on the salary of your sales reps. You spend $1,200 on Cirrus Insight for a year, your return on investment can range from $28,800 to $48,800.

Saving small amounts of time builds up to huge increases for revenue. You have the opportunity to increase the revenue of your sales team by 20%. It sounds like hyperbolic marketing speak, but it’s not. It’s Cirrus Insight.


This is a guest post by Joshua Loomis of Cirrus Insight, an amazing tool that integrates Salesforce with your email inbox.