Google re:Work – making work better and more efficient

As you’re probably aware, since Google’s founding in 1998, the company has experimented with several culture and management initiatives. Many of these ideas and practices had a very positive impact on employee’s happiness at work and on overall productivity (others, not so much). Since we spend a lot of our time at work, and work is not always fulfilling or inspiring, Google has used their research data to create an engaging new initiative – re:Work.


The re:Work team and the website were created with the aim of sharing with organizations some best practices that have worked at Google. The re:Work site is structured in critical subjects that have a direct impact on our workplace (eg: hiring, management). Under each subject, we’ll find guides, tools and insights for addressing common challenges. You can also read inspiring case studies of organizations using data to make work better from the re:Work official blog.

In this episode Jenny analyses the case of managers who are looking for a better way to hire. She navigates us through several guides that help managers make better hiring decisions through job descriptions, structured interviewing or hiring committees.

The re:Work team has also assembled proven practices for growing great managers. One thing that Google is serious about is data. Several times a year Google collects feedback from employees about their role and their teams, and one of these surveys is the “Manager Feedback Survey.” James illustrates how we can use this same tool for our own practice.