Your VM is unique, and now your Cloud Platform can be too

Back in the day when servers and workstations were roaring obelisks of cooling fans and sharp internal edges, hackers took great pride choosing components that best achieved their performance goals, even if that was to to play all levels of Wolfenstein 3D WITHOUT having to change disks (ok, that final level was totally worth it).

But that freedom to optimize was lost when computing moved to the Cloud and was replaced by pre-packaged combinations, fitting as well as an emergency poncho.

Google has made Cloud Computing hackable by allowing you to customize your machine. You could already pick the perfect size drive with Google Cloud Platform, but now you can choose the number of vCPUs and Memory, all without scraping skin off your knuckles.

This is great, but I wouldn’t say this alone is cause for mass migration to Google Cloud Platform. However, once you look at how inexpensive Google’s Cloud is compared to the others, you begin to truly appreciate Google’s granular approach.

Check out Google’s recent blog post on Custom Machine Types. And when you finish, let Dito plan your migration!