So you’ve heard about the “cloud” and realize you use it…. your everyday routines at home and work are changing because of it, and more and more of your business processes will continue to move to the cloud. Let’s take just a few minutes to make sure understand the fundamentals.

Every time we use Gmail or Google Drive, that data is stored “in the cloud” on Google’s servers, accessible any time from any device, but there are also much deeper use cases that allow your organization to leverage the Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Platform actually allows businesses to leverage Google’s own infrastructure and architecture, ditching their

[entire array of] physical servers. This means no server maintenance, no staying on top of security patches, and your data is securely backed-up in 18 different locations.

Google’s Cloud Platform give you access to Google’s data storage infrastructure, which allows you to store massive data sets (things that wouldn’t work to keep in Drive). In addition to simple storage, you can also build, test, or deploy your own applications or sites using this cloud solution.

In the video Jenny and Drea show the example of Google’s internal shuttle app, created by the transportation team and running on the Cloud Platform. It uses this technology to store and deploy relevant information such as the shuttle timetable, seat availability, and real-time traffic information that allows Google employees to forecast delays in their bus routes. Since the app lives in the cloud, it is not overloaded by spikes in usage (heavy usage on rainy days) and can scale on demand.

In short, the Cloud Platform lets you:

  • access Google’s advanced storage & computing infrastructure
  • tap into computing power, as needed, without the overhead
  • save on server maintenance and security (and associated headaches)
  • develop, build, and test applications in a safe, secure, and scalable environment.

If you have a web or mobile app, SaaS, or business data and workflows you are looking to move to the cloud, Dito’s cloud advisors are available to help you get set up and running quickly in the most cost effective manner. Schedule a consult today.