The Apps Show – Chrome devices, Chromebits, and Chromebooks

This episode is all about the hardware. And the timing on this is great, as it seems our options for laptops and mobile devices grow larger every week. Listen in as James and Drea clue you into what’s new on the market and let us know which are their favorites at work.

Cloud philosophy is at the core of all the hardware outlined here. These are laptops or portable devices that require only an internet connection. Each of your documents is stored in the Cloud automatically, and easily accessible from any other device. Imagine… a world where accidental coffee spills or toilet drops wouldn’t wipe out your whole year’s worth of work! Thanks to the Cloud and these devices, that world is here and now.

Some things to take note of:

  •  Chromebit – Google’s latest gadget that turns any screen with an HDMI input into a Chrome OS device, with access to all of your bookmarks, Gmail messages, Drive files, and more. It also enables you to easily create and display digital signage.
  • Chromebooks – including the ASUS Flip and the Pixel, these devices are the perfect mix of versatility and power. Whether you need a spec’d-out performance machine, or more of a tablet-style information reader, the Chromebook line has you covered.

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Get ready to see a side of Chrome you’ve never seen before!