How to Search Drive & Use Google Goggles to find text & images

How do you find that file that was shared with you two years ago, but you never needed until right now?

This episode of the Google Apps show is all about the inside scoop at searching Drive, and using Google Googles to search for images and text.

Searching in Google Drive is pretty straightforward – type in the term you are looking for, and all the docs with that term in the title or internal content will be displayed. However, other files may be harder to find. This is where search operators, like quotation marks, or plus and minus signs can help refine your searches.

Using Google Goggles to search for images can be a huge time-saver. Goggles works by using your smartphone’s camera to recognize an object or image, then searches your Drive folder for a visually-similar file. There’s also a translate option to help with those things you just don’t understand. You can even get a little extra help on that sudoku puzzle you’ve been wracking your brain on all week. Pretty neat, huh? Check out the Google Goggles app here.