Bare Metal: Give Your On-Premise the Superhero Treatment

What would a superhero do? Granted, that’s not a question you get asked every day, but stick with us. As established in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is an avid Oracle user, and since he was in charge of the technology, it makes sense The Avengers probably used it too. But what happens when the ‘world’s mightiest heroes’ make the call to migrate their legacy hardware to the cloud?

The Hulk’s answer will most likely involve the word “smash”. While Thor would probably look quizzically at you and respond, just use magic.

More technically-minded superheroes however know what it takes to succeed, and they’d mention “Bare Metal Solutions”, followed closely by “Google Cloud”. At Dito we completely agree, and by reading on you’ll quickly understand why – as well as the practical value this approach delivers.

The promise of Bare Metal Solutions

The headline for Tony Stark is that moving Oracle workloads with Google’s Bare Metal Solutions enables you to take all existing legacy on-premise systems to the cloud in confidence. Better still, you can do so with increased security while delivering both reduced cost and streamlined capabilities.

Once complete, you’ll be able to call on a highly reliable, resilient, and secure high-performance database infrastructure for each and every Oracle workload:

  • Deploy Oracle capabilities like Real Application Clusters, replication, and all performance features
  • Enjoy a state-of-the-art certified infrastructure that’s precision-tuned to meet all your performance needs
  • Take full advantage of all Google Cloud services with less than 2ms latency

Teamwork makes the dream work

Bare Metal is the vital hardware component behind a successful cloud migration. That said, it can be a complex arrangement to master – or at least to optimize for precisely what you need when you need it.

This is where Dito enters the movie. We’re budding superheroes of a more pragmatic nature. Less superhuman strength and X-ray vision, more experts in using Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) – alongside a host of other accelerators we’ve purpose-built for Bare Metal deployments.

All of which means we’re able to provide hands-on support for your migration to Google Cloud. In addition, we can also help you take advantage of our own unique packaged services which include strategy, jump starts, data packages, and much more besides.

Finally, and this is a key point, as Google Cloud’s Security Partner of the Year, our entire approach to Bare Metal has strong, innovative security at its very core. Which helps explain why Dito is the only company with a proven process for migrating Oracle customers to Google Cloud.

The Fantastic Four

Finally, there’s the question of “why?” Besides the obvious advantages that go into saving tremendous amounts of money and resources via your licensing costs (Read our post: Death, Taxes and Oracle Compliance Audits). What technical advantages are there to give any business case its own form of superpower? In answer, we’re quick to highlight our version of the Fantastic Four:

1. Gain seamless access to all Oracle capabilities

An ability that ensures you can run Oracle databases in the cloud the same way you do on-premise. With Dito, we’ll help you migrate Oracle workloads via your preferred method (Oracle Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Pump, or Oracle RMAN for backup), and in so doing maintain all current playbooks, support runbooks, database admin teams, and system integrators.

2. Depend on truly integrated support and billing

There’s a sense of reassurance that comes with infrastructure support that includes clear SLAs for uptime and interconnect availability, 24/7 coverage for all Priority 1 and 2 issues, and unified billing.

3. Data protection that can resist even the worst supervillain

With Google Cloud you can effortlessly meet demanding compliance requirements with industry certifications that include ISO, PCI, DSS, and HIPAA. As for copy data management and backups, these are fully integrated into the Bare Metal Solution.

4. Simplify operations and administration

The services we deliver ensure you can automate day-to-day operational database administrator tasks. This is done via the Oracle DeployCluster utility that comes bundled with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, tools that can be easily integrated with existing automation frameworks.

Interested in how Bare Metal can help your organization?

We host inexpensive, half-day workshops where we evaluate your ‘current state’ and collaborate on a potential migration strategy. You’ll come away with real, tailored solutions.

Chat with a Dito specialist to learn more.

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