Reimagining Security As A Cloud Enabler – A Conversation With Our CISO

While the digital marketplace is a competitive environment, security should not be considered an obstacle to efficiency. Richard Foltak, SVP, CISO, and Head of Cloud at Dito, discusses how security acts as an enabler for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of integrating security into every layer of a cloud-based system. This ensures that users and organizations can adapt to constantly changing environments.

Day One Security

We help our customers in their journey to the cloud. Dito believes security should act as an enabler for your business. It shouldn’t be used as an anchor. This means your organization needs to adapt and innovate. To reimagine the practice of how security is embedded into your IT practice. This allows you to become a truly digital organization as you move to the cloud. Dito is here to help you reach new heights within the cloud.

Our clients often ask, what’s the difference between add-on security and security that’s been embedded from day one?

We like to use the analogy of a car.

Imagine you have a car for your young children. Your top priority is to keep them as safe as possible. Now, there are ways you can take your existing car and improve the security. You may go in and realize you need to get more advanced seatbelts. Maybe I’ll get new tires for the car that are better for the weather conditions.

But in reality, you’re very limited in terms of what you can add on to that car to make it more secure. Maybe if you’re creative, you’ll put some bumpers around the car. Or a feature or tool that you may want to add to increase the security of your environment. But you’re really not adding anything truly effective from a practical standpoint. These concepts of security have not been built into them from day one.

Opportunities for Growth

Security is constantly changing because the world is changing. There is new regulatory compliance specifically in the areas of data privacy, but it goes deeper.

Data privacy is in everyone’s top of mind today. Our technologies themselves are changing. There’s the rising advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These new types of services and new types of opportunities present businesses with new revenue streams that can significantly improve the overall business performance. New opportunities to grow.

Not taking advantage of tools and not being able to do that in a manner that is secure and satisfies regulatory requirements can be devastating to a firm. And this is what Dito does best. We help our clients see the true potential of the cloud and give them the knowledge and tools to be a success.

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