How Dito Builds Your Winning Cloud Infrastructure Plan

Planning a move to the cloud? It’s hard to know where to start if you’ve never done it before. The journey isn’t always smooth. Without expertise and experience, many cloud migrations fail to meet the goals and expectations companies hope to realize. If you’re new to the game and haven’t built an infrastructure team before, it helps to have a partner to show you the right way. 

Dito is that sidekick that can build a winning plan for your team. We are your true partners for digital acceleration. A transformation that’s secure. Our experts help others just like you to create a winning strategy for long term growth. 

Here are the three phases Dito uses to create superior infrastructure plans.

Phase One: We meet with your IT departments to find your use cases, requirements, and costs. This gives our experts a great overhead view of the project’s scope. A custom plan for your unique needs.

Phase Two: We build a custom GCP infrastructure and security plan that fits your organization’s goals and requirements. Our team focuses on operational excellence, security, and cost reduction.

Phase Three: This is the fun part. Our experts guide your cloud team on how to get started on your cloud journey using our proven toolset and process flow. When you use these tools, your deployments are consistent and secure. And most of all, painless. 

Here are a few examples of our recent cases using this process:


Dito provided IntellectSpace with a landing zone and GCP infrastructure foundation design and a way to implement. Our experts designed and implemented their GCP network and security  configurations and performed server and database migrations from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud.  This eliminated the need for IntellectSpace to scale their database & applications during peak times and reduced the overall IT cost. This was made possible by moving to a managed, secure GCP environment. 

NY State DMV

Dito reviewed the NY State DMV security policy and identified their High Availability and Disaster Recovery requirements. Based on these requirements and resources critical to the business, we implement proper architecture (subnet across multiple zones) for resource deployment and auto scaling for High Availability.  Dito helped NY State DMV to modernize their IT infrastructure and applications. Our team assessed the customer IT environment and designed and implemented GCP infrastructure and security foundations. This improved the client infrastructure and application scalability, resilience and security. 

When it comes to Cloud Infrastructure, we focus on a few key concepts:

Security & Reliability

  • Security Policies
  • Access Management
  • Availability & Resilience
  • Encryption

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Monitoring Systems/Tools & Reporting
  • Performance Analysis Reporting
  • APM Systems & Tools

Optimization Opportunities

  • Cost Reviews
  • Billing Alerts
  • Technical Implementation Design Documents
  • Post-Deployment Dito Managed Services

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