Thinking back on the small stuff, the big stuff, and even the in-between stuff

15 years ago, Dito was founded in a garage – it sounds like a tech cliche, but it is completely true – by a group of lifelong friends with a simple purpose, transform how companies do business.

This was truly achieved when we became one of Google’s first partners and began helping organizations move to the cloud and adopt other Google tools (Workspace, Maps, Chrome, etc.)

Throughout our entire history, there is no single thing we’re more proud of  than seeing a company’s vision for transformation come to fruition. From the initial thought of moving to the cloud to the final project wrap-up meeting, the process is, at its heart, symbolic of many more things to come for everyone involved.

Being remote since our inception in 2007 means we were and continue to be on the cutting edge and this experience has made us experts in virtual work – a skillset we use everyday for our clients.

A global pandemic, a few recessions, market changes, Google’s own journey, and all of our successes, along with a few  failures (hey, they say break things) along the way, have all led us to this big (enormous really) milestone in our company’s history – and we can’t be more proud to share this moment with you.

As the years continue to pass, we’ve found it’s more and more important to recognize moments like this, and soak up everything that has culminated in it. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on our own journey (more accurately epic quest!) – and we look forward to another 15 years of magic!

– The Dito Team

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