When it comes to going above and beyond in Cloud Security – Cameyo continuously impresses us. Their new tool, Rapid Recovery, is a business continuity service that runs in Google Cloud and provides you with a separate, secure cloud desktop environment that you can instantly switch to if your on-premises environment is attacked or disrupted.

This enables your people to maintain access to their business-critical apps in case of an emergency. When paired with Chrome OS Flex, you can also migrate your compromised Windows & Mac devices to Chrome OS for device separation and security, where your people can continue to access their apps through Cameyo.

Cameyo’s zero trust Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform is the most secure way to deliver cloud desktops. With Cameyo Rapid Recovery, you receive a pre-configured environment in Google Cloud that’s so secure, cloud desktops can be provided immediately if an organization’s network or data is compromised.

Employees maintain access to all the apps they need while ensuring separation from the compromised network.

Chrome OS Flex is the secure, cloud-first, easy-to-manage, and fast operating system that enables organizations to turn their PCs and Macs into secure Chrome OS devices that boot fast and can be managed from the cloud. After a cyber-attack, this enables organizations to repurpose potentially compromised Windows and Mac devices as secure Chrome OS devices, maximizing the life of the existing hardware they already own and refreshing them with a modern, fast, operating system.

Cameyo’s introduction of Rapid Recovery comes on the heels of their recent announcement that Google has certified Cameyo as just the third Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner for virtualization globally. Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions that are validated to meet technical and support standards for Chrome OS.

All on the Ultra-Secure Google Cloud

Cameyo Rapid Recovery runs in Google Cloud, which protects your data, applications, infrastructure, and customers from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse. Google Cloud’s networking, data storage, and compute services provide data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use. And Google Cloud’s advanced Zero Trust security tools support compliance and data confidentiality.

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