The way we work changes all the time – tools, applications, devices, and data are in constant flux. We’re producing more and more sensitive information and it’s being shared with an increasing array of people all over the world.

Meanwhile, our legacy systems aren’t equipped to handle new, more sophisticated threats – in fact, sometimes they increase risks. Staff have local devices with a myriad of applications holding sensitive company data. Emails fly back and forth with attachments – many of which hold sensitive information.

Devices are in need of constant patches and updates, and it has only gotten worse with hybrid work, remote workforces, and contract and temporary staff. Organizations depend on 20+-year-old on-premises identity directories for authentication and access.

Bad actors are exploiting these legacy vulnerabilities because they’re easy to target.

  • 94-percent of malware is installed via emails and attachments
  • 80-percent of breaches involve the use of lost or stolen credentials
  • 45-percent of malware is delivered by common documents

Google and Dito are taking a different approach by focusing on a cloud-based, zero trust security model that provides always up-to-date protection against malware, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Wanna know how it works?

It’s cloud-first. A browser-based approach means there’s no need for local devices, native apps, or email attachments.

We trust no one. Our system builds in controls, encryption, and verification with a Zero Trust approach so staff can work anywhere and not need a virtual private network.

Detect everything and protect everyone. The program secures your organization’s data from all kinds of attacks with no add-ons needed, and it boasts secure endpoints (both company-provided and bring your own device) with no patching and powerful account takeover protections.

With this approach, we’ve blocked 99.9-percent of spam and phishing messages from ever getting anywhere near inboxes, had ZERO reported or detected hijackings, and ZERO ransomware attacks on devices.

So, what’s the story?

Combining Google Workspace, reCAPTCHA Enterprise, Google Pixel devices, Chronicle, BeyondCorp Enterprise, Titan Security Keys, and Chrome Enterprise, the Work Safer Program secures everything you do so you can focus on innovating and growing.

And, most importantly, you can get major discounts and incentives when you join.

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