Dito’s BigQuery inaBOX service provides you with turn-key sandbox BigQuery environments that can be deployed at the click of a button, allowing you to explore BigQuery’s powerful analytic features without the overhead of managing the underlying Google Cloud Platform.

Create & Deploy A Secure Environment

Dito | BigQuery inaBOX deploys a secure BigQuery environment per Google’s best practices quickly & easily. No one will have access to the data stored in the environment besides you & your internal team.

How The Process Works

By uploading a CSV file into a data bucket, your information will automatically be uploaded to BigQuery. Exploring the power of BigQuery’s data processing and machine learning capabilities is then fully unlocked for your team. Go further by leveraging real time data integrations from SaaS environments with native or 3rd party connectors to truly unlock your data.

Dito Support & Engagement

Our engineering and architecture team will assist with helping your users understand how data gets into the system, how it’s imported into BigQuery, and will also provide training on exploring the data via SQL queries. Our BigQuery-in-a-Box service is complimentary for 30 days with 2-3 hours of engineering support dedicated for your team. Additional charges may be incurred for incorporating outside data sources + data analytics.

BigQuery Service Offering

Dito specializes in Database Management including Enterprise Database Migrations, Open Source Databases, and Database Modernization. We offer a consultative and phased approach incorporating discovery, design, testing and implementation to provide everything a customer needs to be successful.

Project Plan

A project plan that describes the overall migration and/or modernization process using multiple risk-minimizing phases and milestones. Dito will work with the customer to provide maximum up-time and low-risk cut overs for low user impact and SLA requirements.


Dito will work with the customer on BIgQuery deployment and measure cost/performance tradeoff to meet the customer’s requirements. Dito will work with the customer to program any required ETL pipeline to run on GCP’s Dataflow execution engine to ingest data into BQ

Query Optimization

Dito will evaluate factors that can impact query performance and provide guidelines on controlling query computation and recommend best practices around query optimization

Design Documentation

Dito will provide a series of architecture diagrams for approval and execution:

  • Architecture Overview
  • IAM Overview
  • Technical Design Documentation


Our team of Google Cloud certified professionals will run a business discovery to advise on data strategy and opportunities for implementing Google BigQuery based on your business and operational needs.


Dito will work with the customer on optimizing BQ storage and recommend best practices for controlling storage cost.


All migration and modernization projects are conducted with Security in the DNA of the project from KMS, DLP Scans, VPC Service Controls, etc. to consulting and training on basic security best practices for the project and data environment.

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