Google Cloud VMware Engine. A smart decision. An elegant solution.

Enterprise data centers are old news – in fact, they represent a significant competitive disadvantage. Smart organizations are migrating to the Cloud and even smarter ones are using the Google Cloud VMware Engine. That’s because it offers a simple, seamless way to migrate while maintaining operations and using existing investments and tools, and without needing to redesign and refactor applications.

Fast and agile

With your data center and all its hassles in the rearview mirror, you’ll rocket forward with on-demand capacity, all the tools and systems your team already knows (workloads remain on VMware so consistency and compatibility are ensured), and serious cost savings from no longer hosting data and apps.

Expand your data when you need in just minutes and focus on innovation.

Big data = big ideas

Unlock your true potential by no longer focusing on data management. Now, you’re using native analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to truly push the boundaries of your business.

Meanwhile, you’re accessing new insights by using Google services like BigQuery, AutoML, and others.

Security like the ultimate shield

Airtight Google Cloud security all while you move workloads to and from the cloud with a single set of tools. It’s your data, apps, infrastructure, and more protected by the best of the best. On top of that, there’s serious disaster recovery. Focus on work, not scams or fraud.

Now you’re moving fast and breaking nothing.

Cloud freedom

Pay for what you need and have no fear of lock-in. Scalability so elastic, it’s like your data lives on a rubber band. Extend your virtual desktop infrastructure through a single digital workspace – from anywhere, any time.

Build, run, and scale like never before.

No trouble management

Why have resources manage data and applications when you want those big brains focused on innovating and making money moves? Workloads continue to run on a native VMware so there’s no disruption to your network, security, or operations.

Ready. Set. Go.

It’s not as complex when you ‘lift and shift’. Move your workloads easily, turn data in actionable insights, and superpower your business. And more importantly, save money – most enterprises saw cost reductions using Google Cloud VMware over OnPrem and other cloud platforms.

On-demand, global support – available always.

Leave your clunky data center behind and join us up in the Google Cloud with the VMware Engine.

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