Cameyo and Dito have joined forces to completely change the industry

Right now, your entire organization is working remotely and probably will be for the foreseeable future. While many enterprises have adapted to the ‘new normal’, security has become a huge issue.

You have thousands of laptops, apps, programs, and tools – all working in the virtual environment. The situation is ripe for malicious attacks from bad actors.

But, what if you could provide access to all the tools your team needs and at the same time, take the need to secure every single app and platform and program out of the equation?

Our friends at Cameyo have just that solution.

They specialize in Virtual Application Delivery (or VAD). Cameyo’s brilliance is rather than taking traditional desktops and moving it all to the cloud, they enable enterprises to provide simple, flexible, and far more secure Cloud PCs. Users can access everything they need directly from the browser without any apps actually installed or managed.

Cameyo is the only cloud-native VAD platform built from the start with Zero Trust security embedded in everything.

“Most organizations struggle to protect their desktops, laptops, servers, and other tools from the rapid increase of malicious attacks, primarily because there are just too many ways for bad actors to get access,” said Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Cameyo and Dito are addressing this by flipping the old view of virtual desktops on its head. By removing the complicated and insecure infrastructure associated with VDI and eliminating the need to secure and manage operating systems, Cameyo and Dito are introducing a more secure approach to ‘Cloud PCs’.”

The Dito+Cameyo Combo

The combination of Cameyo’s ultra-secure Cloud PC and Dito’s Google Cloud specialization provides an unprecedented end-to-end Zero Trust security solution.

That’s because Dito is a leader in providing Google Cloud security services. We’re one of just a handful of partners that have the Google approved security specialization and we’ve been a Strategic Security Partner with Google from the start.

At Dito, we treat security holistically – across every technical and operational layer. It’s no longer just about breaches. It’s about preparing for all potential threats, including external, internal, reputation, and regulations.

Dito helps enterprises transform in the most restrictive way possible while accomplishing their business and operational goals

As a team, this means organizations can migrate and operate in the cloud in – by far – the most secure environment.

“Everyone is thinking about security right now as more and more workers remain remote and companies have to rethink the security of their data and technology. Dito has been at the forefront of this since it is one of our specialties and we’ve been implementing Google’s Cloud platform and Workspace apps for longer than just about anyone,” said Richard Foltak, Senior Vice President, CISO, and Head of Cloud at Dito. “Combining Dito’s holistic approach to Google Cloud security with Cameyo’s platform is a win for our clients and partners because it offers a smart solution to one of the biggest problems in security. We cover external, internal, reputation, and regulations in all our security services. Now, we have a brilliant VAD platform that completely changes the game.”

Take the complicated out of the complex

Users retain access to everything they need while doing so in complete isolation. No device is trusted. The organization’s network and data are completely isolated from everything else.

User sessions are segmented from networks and data – separation is constant. That means, even if a particular device is compromised, it cannot reach the organization’s network. And, with Cameyo’s non-persistent servers, user data is wiped from the server after log-out.

All traffic is encrypted and apps are delivered via a secure HTML5 browser – eliminating the need for VPNs. Users can still access privileges, settings, and files as if they are working in the program.

All this is integrated with your single sign-on and multi-factor authentication systems, making it airtight.

“Complexity is the enemy of security. Whether you’re concerned about cybercrime involving phishing, backdoors, antivirus/malware issues, RDP attacks, brute force attacks, preventing data breaches or – most likely – all of the above, you need an end-to-end zero trust solution that reduces complexity in order to increase security,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder & CEO of Cameyo. “Cameyo has long provided the most simple & secure Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform for delivering a truly cloud-based desktop experience without the security issues of Windows desktops. Together with Dito we’re providing organizations a one-stop-shop for a truly integrated Cloud PC with unrivaled Zero Trust security.”

Together, Cameyo and Dito are not only changing the norm – they’re establishing a whole new way to do security. And, it leads to the safest, more secure workspaces in any industry. Book a demo today!

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