Comprehensive Security with the Experts’ Experts

At Dito, we’ve been at the forefront of security for more than a decade and our specialists have a cumulative history in the centuries. In fact, we’re a Strategic Security Partner with Google and, more importantly, Dito is one of only 14 partners globally with a Google Security Specialization.

We know security. We do it differently.

That’s because we view it holistically – across every technical and operational layer. It’s no longer just about breaches. It’s about preparing for all potential threats.

  • External
  • Internal
  • Reputation
  • Regulations

We help clients implement the Google Cloud Platform in the most restrictive way possible while accomplishing their business and operational goals.

A key aspect of our work revolves around Google Technology Enablement. This means:

  • Security operations and analytics – organizational policies, Cloud Operations Suite, Security Command Center Premium, and Chronicle
  • Zero trust & Workspace security – Cloud identity and Cloud Identity and Access Management, BeyondCorp Enterprise, and virtual private cloud service control
  • Compliance Modernization – Virtual Machine Manager, Google Cloud Platform DevOps Security Best Practices, and labeling and IT service management integration
  • Application Security – Google Kubernetes Engine security, web application and application programming interface protection, Apigee, Load Balancer/Cloud Armor/content delivery network, and reCAPTCHA Enterprise
  • Data Protection & Privacy – Cloud data loss prevention, key management and secret management, labeling and classification, and virtual private cloud service control

At Dito, we live and breathe Google Cloud Platform best practices.

Secure Cloud Foundations

Our Cloud Foundations are as secure as they can get and are built upon CyberSecurity Framework requirements like document control mapping. 

While a lot of foundations focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to build, change, and manage infrastructure in safe and consistent ways, we use extended Cloud Foundation Fabric IaC with Terraform to ensure integration with third-party IT service management programs. 

We follow the Google Cloud Security Foundation blueprint and ensure we’re complying with regulatory requirements, including a deep dive into existing enterprise security policies.

Cloud Security Posture Reviews

Our work is all about data and analytics. We assess the Google Cloud Platform implementation plan and operations compared with industry best practices. A major part of this is end-to-end security reviews, including governance of enterprise IT, and application development practice evaluations. Then, we review application code and configuration with an eye on common insecure patterns and vulnerabilities.

This brings us to enterprise enablement. We see it as:

Security Operations Center

  • Security information and event management enablement – Chronicle, Splunk, QRadar
  • Google Cloud Operations Suite – Logging, monitoring, application performance management, and site reliability engineering best practices
  • Policy and security monitoring – Security Command Center Premium, Prisma Cloud, and Laceworks
  • Operation Practices – Red Team/Blue Team and pen testing

And of course…

Multi-Cloud Best Practices

  • Istio
  • Cloud Inter-Networking – Domain name system, virtual private server best practices, active directory, bastion host/identity aware proxy, routing, microsegmentation, Cloud interconnect/virtual private network, next generation firewalls, and web application firewalls
  • Anthos
  • Certification authority – traffic director

Which leads us to governance. We’re about as comprehensive as you can get here.

CyberSecurity frameworks include NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, CSA CCM, and HIPAA/HITRUST.

And regulatory considerations include FedRAMP Google Cloud authority to operate and the EU General Data Protection and California Consumer Privacy Act assessments and accelerators.

All this culminates in third-party integrations with the Google Cloud Platform.

We succeed because we understand and include change management enablement with ServiceNow and Zendesk. We bring in policy and security management with Prisma Cloud, Cloud Custodian, Laceworks, and 

Which brings us to security information and event management – we use IBM QRadar and Splunk. And Ansible and Chef are the center of our configuration management

Meanwhile, we extend Cloud Foundation Fabric to align with the Google Cloud Security Foundation Blueprint, integrate with third-party IT service management programs and integrate the Hashicorp Vault. Thank you Terraform.

And then, we employ Palo Alto firewalls, CheckPoint firewalls, and F5 and Avi Network web application firewalls as network security appliances. Citrix acts as the virtual desktop infrastructure and NetApp is all about storage.

It’s serious and it works. It works because we have some of the best of the best working directly with our customers. That, and we understand that the Google Cloud does not live in a vacuum – proper integrations are key to operational success and it all has to comply with regulatory and cybersecurity frameworks.

That’s why – at Dito – we focus on end-to-end solutions for security and governance, data analytics, and database migrations. It makes a difference and that’s the Dito way.

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