It’s been a big year for us here at Dito, and one that’s been filled with a wealth of accomplishments and achievements.

As a culmination of our hard work, Dito is excited to announce that we have recently acquired the esteemed Google Cloud Security Specialization after many in-depth customer engagements and thorough projects completed. Coming on the heels of a huge year for Google Cloud, this specialization showcases the depth of knowledge and experienced engineers supporting Dito’s many customers.

Acquiring Google Cloud Specializations allows Dito to differentiate their business to the market, through building knowledge & experience in specific, high-priority product & solutions areas – in this case focused around security-based projects. 

Dito is very excited to continue building relationships and keeping organizations & their reputations safe. We are continuously looking to improve our expertise around securing customer data & workflows directly through Google Cloud Platform. We strive to deliver quality services & solutions to encourage customers to imagine more and achieve more with Google Cloud.

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