With COVID-19 having unprecedented effects on everyday life, people everywhere are seeking answers. Dito is now offering a special COVID Module for its series of standard DIDI chatbots that connects customers with the advice and information they need just by asking on your webpage.

Pre-built information

The DIDI COVID Module is designed to provide up-to-date information to U.S. citizens on the COVID-19 outbreak at the national and local level. The chatbot comes pre-built with over 50 interactive responses providing information from Google’s COVID-19 info page, the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus page and updated state information taken from the COVID Tracking API site.

Assistance with critical local information

In addition to the pre-built responses, Dito will customize your chatbot with specific local information. For example, customers can ask:

  • Where is my nearest testing center?
  • Am I under a shelter in place lockdown?
  • Are there programs in place to delay payment on my electric bill?
  • Who should I call if I need medication?

Customize on your own

Dito will also train you to add responses and bolster the usefulness of your chatbot easily on your own. No development or programming experience is needed – the DIDI module features an easy-to-understand interface with remote training and documentation available. 

Special pricing

Special Emergency Response pricing and no locked-in annual maintenance is available for:

  • State and Local Governments
  • Emergency Responders
  • Hospitals
  • Utilities

And with the DIDI COVID Module, even the most minute details are under your control. You can link stand-alone webpages, integrate external articles or applications, allow access on mobile devices and even provide a call-in number to answer questions and relieve your hotlines.

Contact Dito today for information, purchasing and instructions.

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