With the Cloud industry constantly shifting and evolving on an almost daily basis, reading through industry news and key updates can easily become a time-consuming routine. We’ve consolidated some of the important items to give you a quick glance at what’s happening in the cloud.

1. Microsoft Search Outrage – A worldwide crash of both online and local-based searches through Windows 10 has brought up serious questions surrounding data privacy and transparency.

Image result for windows 10 blue screen

2. Hangouts Meet with Safari – Google has released an update that now allows you to use Hangouts Meet + the integrated screen sharing functionality with Macs using the Safari browser.

3. Google Docs now has an integrated auto-hyperlink feature, pulling relevant titles as you create URLs/pull in external website information:

4. Google announced an impressive $2.6 billion round for all cloud revenue, which includes G Suite, the enterprise version of Gmail/Docs/Drive/Hangouts and Google’s cloud infrastructure revenue. At $2.61 billion, that puts it on a run rate over $10 billion.

5. Google Maps recently received a fresh logo and overall application update:

6. Google Cloud Documentation gets new look and functionality with an update now providing a refreshed layout, faster pages with offline compatibility, an easier way to provide feedback to the Cloud team, and much more.

7. Google Cloud’s newest service, Secret Manager, provides a secure and convenient method for storing API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.

8. Google recently acquired AppSheet, a program meant for helping business develop, create, and extend applications without any coding required.

9. IBM Power Systems now available on Google Cloud – Customers can now run IBM Power Systems as a service on Google Cloud—whether they are using AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power. Google Cloud offers a path by providing the best of both the cloud and on-premise worlds.

10. Google recently released an updated guide to the top Kubernetes best practices, providing insight and guidance around their containerized app management service.

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