How to Copy a Google Site From One Domain to Another

Migrating data is usually never an easy task. Fortunately, it’s really not that bad to move a Google Site from one domain to another. You might end up finding yourself doing this if you built a site on a consumer account and ended up going Google with your whole domain (not a bad choice). So, how can you move your site over to your shiny new Google Apps instance? Here’s what you need to know.

At the site that you want to migrate go ahead and click on More Actions and click Sharing and Permissions. Keep in mind that you must be an owner or collaborator for this site to do this.

Share the site with the “to” email address at the “to” domain and send invite email. Make sure that you set the permissions to owner.

Login to the “to” email account/domain that you set those permissions to.

Open the invitation email and click on the site link. You may need to login with your credentials if you have not done so in some time, or perhaps if they have expired.

Within the main site window, click More Actions > Manage Site > General > Copy This Site. Enter the “to” site name and check the appropriate check mark boxes. If you are not sure leave check boxes blank.

Comments and attachments are copied over. Forms and docs are embedded, but all references are pointing to the “from” domain. The site-referenced files (images, documents) can be stored in a shared collection/folder on your domain that can also have its ownership changed.

Don’t forget to review the permissions and remove any members that are not needed!

Do you use Google Sites? Know any tips and/or tricks?

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