Productivity & Collaboration

Break down silos by modernizing collaboration between teams.

Transform workplace collaboration & productivity with Google Cloud.

Real-time collaboration within Google Workspace through Docs, Sheets, & more.

Teams move faster and work smarter with features like Smart Compose, which uses AI to help you write emails, and Explore, which quickly turns data into insights.

Use the power of Google Assistant and Cloud Search to get insights faster, find the content you need, and spend less time switching between applications.

Run on Google’s global, secure-by-design infrastructure—with a single dashboard that makes it easy to manage authentication, asset protection, and operational control.

Shared calendars provide full visibility into user’s availability – making syncing & scheduling meetings easier than ever.

Build Collaboration Into Everyday Work.

  • Solutions Include:
  • Chromebooks – providing portable computing in a simple interface, with similar functionality to smartphones in devices with larger screens & computing power.

  • Voice & Video Tools – integrated with Google Cloud services, these provide users with contact information, scheduling details, and key data to allow more productive meetings.

  • Seamless Account Integration – across all devices, Google lets you easily switch between desktops & mobile devices, Chromebooks, & conferencing systems, all while collaborating without interruption.

Modernize Collaboration with Dito