Introducing Google’s new streamlined platform for all things productivity and collaboration

Google Workspace offers easy integration of data & assets with other popular productivity solutions within the larger Google Cloud Platform.

Strengthen your team with the ability to collaborate on work in real time, interacting with files, viewing information, and messaging one another through a single interface.

Google Workspace offers access to file and tools on any device, from any location with internet access.

Google Workspace includes industry leading management, security, and support tools to equip your IT team with what they need to keep everything running efficiently.

Work is transforming in unprecedented ways, and employees are more overwhelmed than ever

Connection is crucial

1 in 3 workers feel disconnected from company and colleagues

Work is no longer a place

An estimated 48% will continue working remotely post-COVID

Time is more precious

1 in 4 working parents is also a primary caregiver right now

What can we do for your business?

People who use Google Workspace are happier at work, more innovative, and future generations expect to use it

Higher Retention

Companies with engaged employees have higher retention

Profit Growth

Innovative companies have stronger profit growth

Tomorrows Workforce

The workforce of tomorrow uses Google Workspace


68% of Google Workspace users in large companies say they enjoy their work more since adopting it versus 30% of Microsoft 365 users


75% of Google Workspace users say it has made their team more innovative, versus 55% of Microsoft 365 users


Students and teachers use Google Workspace for education

Which translates directly to business impact


hours saved per user per year. Equal to ~21 days per user per year


reduction of on-demand tech support*


ROI driven by G Suite

Seamless Communication

Google Workspace blends access to a variety of communications capabilities that come together to empower users to work at their best. From sharing calendars to creating video calls and group chats, Workspace lets colleagues connect easily in the way that makes the most sense for their needs.

Redefined Collaboration

Workspace changes collaboration in a way that doesn’t create technical overhead or complex file management. Files in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms can be viewed and edited in real time. Users can see the work others are doing, communicate within the file, make changes and insert comments.

Workspace’s Extensive Tools & Programs

An email service developed by Google

Time management and scheduling system

A file & storage synchronization service

A video communication service

A communication software built for teams

A telephone service with call forwarding & voicemail

Note taking service allowing text, lists, image & audio

A text processing document service with Workspace

A spreadsheet solution within Workspace

Presentation & collateral development

A structured wiki- and web page- creation tool

Survey administration software

Robust Security & Administration

Google Workspace, Formerly G Suite

Everything you need to get anything done.

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