Protect your cloud infrastructure with Zero Trust.

A new approach to Enterprise Security – Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp.

  • ZeroTrust Foundation

  • Bring Your Own Device

  • Extended Protection

  • Business Continuity

Single sign-on, access proxy, access control engine, user inventory, device inventory, security policy, and trust repository.

Make Your Team Better with Google

When unforeseen events force your business to adapt and overcome, the option of allowing your team to utilize their own devices without interruption can be a major Business Continuity benefit. Furthermore, a multi-cloud hybrid architecture can augment your business access to business value enhancing technologies from a number of competing vendors while at the same time increasing your security posture. Your entire architecture can be protected “Better with Google” by extending Zero Trust across your Architecture with BeyondCorp.

Whitepaper: BeyondCorp – Better With Google

Learn more about BeyondCorp & how it provides security for your infrastructure.

The Scariest Things in the Cloud – & How to Avoid Them

Listen as some of Dito’s cloud security specialists walk you through some of the pain points that can arise when working with on-prem and hybrid servers – and how you can take steps to avoid them.

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