Dito’s Google Workspace Deployment Services

A Brief Overview of Dito’s Standard Multiphase Google Workspace Deployment Service

We pride ourselves on being Google Workspace experts. We’ve completed countless Workspace deployments across dozens of industries – assisting companies of all sizes. Our Workspace deployment service is designed to migrate your existing email, calendars, contacts, and groups for your organization from your original source platform to the Google Workspace Environment.

As part of our standard (non-Enterprise) Workspace deployments, we provide:

  • Technical Discovery
  • Migration Planning and Testing
  • Migration and Technical Deployment Support
  • Monitoring and Validation for up to three waves of user transition to Workspace.

In addition to the services above, in order to help your organization navigate what is new in the Workspace environment, Dito also provides communication planning and templates as well as training support to help you get the most out of Workspace.

The core concepts of our standard Workspace deployment service are:

Project Governance and Change Management

Our first phase of the Workspace deployment is a detailed project plan for up to 3 waves of user transition, which also provides project governance and best practice recommendations to mitigate risk, while managing and helping your organization prepare for the upcoming transition to Google.

Communication templates are provided by the Dito team for your organization that provide additional insights into what is happening and when, and how users can prepare for the upcoming migration and transition to Workspace.


Dito’s services team provides up to two waves of 3 one-hour customized training webinars hosted live for your users to attend and ask questions directly and get to know the Workspace tools and features that will be available to them on the platform.

All trainings are recorded for your organization to view after the session and can be used to continue training employees in the future. In addition, a training plan is provided with slide decks, outlines, training resources, and a training announcement with registration information for the sessions.

Technical Discovery & Planning

We then offer technical discovery sessions to help identify and validate data discovery, discuss structure, best practices and migration preparation.

A detailed migration plan is then custom-crafted to suit your organization’s specific existing structure and incorporates our recommended approach within the Workspace environment. The plan will identify the proper setup to optimize migration speed and total migration time while minimizing end user impact.

Administrative Training

Dito provides an administrative workshop to navigate the Workspace Admin Console, which includes recommended best practices to organizational structure for your company’s needs, Google Group advisory and planning, and application setting recommendations for your user groups and security needs.


On top of all of the hands-on administrative trainings we provide, by utilizing Stackdriver, Dito will monitor uptime on all operational systems, automatically generate and track tickets based on priority and notify identified customer contacts or groups.

Migration Monitoring and Technical Deployment Support

In addition to all of the services above, Dito provides admin setup for up to 10 domains, user and Google group provisioning as well as managed data migration for email, calendar and contacts. 

Dito will complete migration machine setup and migration monitoring, communicating updates to your project team throughout the migration.  Upon migration completion, our Dito technical engineers will work with your team to validate the migration and ensure migration success. 

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