Mapping Solutions & Location Services

In addition to providing consulting, licensing, and development services for Google Maps APIs, Dito has mapping solutions for Sharing Economy, Delivery, Asset Management, Indoor Mapping, and other specific use cases.

Google Maps Licensing & Development Services

Our team of developers and geospatial experts can uncover targeted and ROI-positive uses cases for leveraging location data, analytics, and services.

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Shared Economy Applications

As consumers release the notion of owning and increasingly adopt the flexibility of shared goods & services, companies that facilitate the process with the best user experience will come out on top. Location data and services play a key role.

Dito’s experience consulting on and developing successful on-demand and “shared economy” apps can help optimize your location strategy.

On-Demand Delivery Services

Customers want and expect more, not just with what they buy, but with the process of doing business with you. Step up your game, engage customers, & boost satisfaction with accurate order pickup & delivery times.

Provide real-time transparency with optimized directions for in-store pickups or precise delivery times based on current traffic conditions & delivery schedule.

Indoor Mapping & Routing

Indoor mapping brings all the benefits of outdoor wayfinding and location awareness inside, to areas previously ignored by mapping applications, making navigation & management of large indoor spaces much easier. Bring digital navigation to your space.

Asset Tracking & Management

With our suite of asset management solutions you can quickly and easily locate vehicles / assets, see their location history, receive location alerts, monitor driving behavior, manage maintenance schedules and much more.

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