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Helping forward-thinking companies transform IT & business strategies by leveraging cloud services & technologies.

Transformation Starts with Expanded Thinking

Incremental improvements are one thing, but “10x thinking” starts with expanding your vision of what’s possible.

Through our standard cloud deployments, training, and change management processes, we will uncover areas for improvement that create pockets of added value throughout your business. No question, that will happen…

…but if you are looking to transform your business, you can’t look through the same lens with the same thinking and beliefs. It requires an expanded vision of what’s possible.

You know your business – we know the technologies. Together, through innovation labs and hands-on workshops, we can explore the combination of technology and leverage points in your business model to create new and sustainable competitive advantages.

Cloud Transformation Might be a Short Straight Line or a Complex, Cross-Functional Journey.

We’ll help you bring key stakeholders together to merge business strategies with cloud technologies & services.

Application Development

Off-the-Shelf is great, but for specialized internal applications or your company’s own software-as-a-service offering, our team of software engineers always gets excited to scope out & develop custom applications.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be science fiction for your organization. Let’s work together to identify data sets, workflows, and decision making processes where cloud-based machine learning can create intelligent productivity gains.

Big Data Analytics

Powered by the next-generation of cloud computing and analytics tools, with a sprinkle of machine learning, and your data sets can finally reveal what they’ve been wanting to tell you all along. Deeper market & customer insights, now available to you.

Cloud Computing

We can migrate a few VMs or re-architect & re-platform all of your infrastructure to the cloud. With significant cost savings, an increase in security & compliance, and operational efficiency gains a near certainty, the time is now.

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

Whether you are looking for cloud hosting & computing for for your SaaS application, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, or ready to tap into the latest of Big Data and Machine Learning APIs, Google Cloud Platform provides everything you need to quickly build and scale “what’s next” for your company.

G Suite for Business

Collaboration & Productivity Suite

Centered around Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for your business, G Suite is a comprehensive line up of tightly integrated cloud-based productivity tools that help your team work faster, smarter, and better together. Enable your users with the tools they need with peace of mind around adoption, security and cost.

Google Maps APIs

Location Data, Services & Analytics

Your Location Strategy could very well be the next competitive advantage and value driver for your business. Layering your data with the powerful location services, analytics & insights available via Google Maps APIs opens a new path to understanding your business.

Google Chrome OS

Devices, Meetings & Digital Signage

Whether it’s amazingly fast end-user laptops, shared workstations, digital signage, or video conferencing, the line up of Chrome devices and its cloud-connected operating system will leave you wondering why it took so long to switch to. Admins can easily manage 10 or 1000 devices from a centralized web interface.

There is No Perfect Time, and Your Competition isn’t Going to Wait their Turn.

Let’s start the conversation today so we can fill the gaps between where you are and where you could be.

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