Spam Exam by Dito is a daily or weekly email notification listing all emails that have been diverted to a user’s spam folder within the past 24 hours. Users can quickly scan the notification to see a summary of all pertinent data regarding each message such as sender, subject, as well as timestamp. See the image below. With Spam Exam, users no longer have to remember to check their spam folder or be concerned about missing an email that is mismarked as spam. Purchase Spam Exam for your Domain today!

Developed as a replacement for the soon to be deprecated Postini Quarantine Summary, Spam Exam was created in response to Dito’s own internal request for an automated notification. After polling their users, Dito’s team of developers found that the majority would like to be notified daily of the items diverted to spam within the past 24 hours, similar to what they experienced with the Quarantine Summary.


With Spam Exam:

  • Users are automatically notified of all emails located in spam folder
  • Reminder for users to check spam folder
  • Admins can configure daily or weekly notifications

Spam Exam is available for purchase in the Google Apps Marketplace.


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